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About Us


L.R. (Scott) Darr

523 S Bonneville Dr

Nampa ID 83686

Hi there,

For those of you that don't know us, here we go.

A background in electronics, a heavy dose of audio support for entertainers as well as commercial applications, and an acquired love of country, folk, classic rock & roll and bluegrass music.

As the years rolled by it became obvious to us that country music and the previous mentioned genres of music style had lost their relevant core values and musical styles. It got so that we even quit listening to the radio.

Fast forward 40 years and huge advances in electronics and the trickle down of technology to the music and entertainment industry made it possible for us reach into the musical vaults of yesteryear and recover or re-record the classics of the years gone by.

In addition, the reproductive electronic systems made a quantum leap forward in quality and design so that virtually anyone can enjoy concert quality sound either in their living room or favorite venue of entertainment

What's missing you say? A consistent source of reproduction of the classics of the 60's 70's 80's and 90's as well as some of the modern day performers which haven't lost their touch with the past.

So, what constitutes suitable Country Music?  Well here's our opinion.

Country Music has to tell a story, be dance-able and have a musical base consisting of acoustic instrumentation, amplified or not.  That being said, live band performances, no matter how talented, cannot expect to replicate the wide range of country music produced the last sixty years due to the sheer volume of content they would have to duplicate with accuracy and consistency to meet the demands of the listeners and dancers. We will admit that a select few groups can and do replicate a very good rendition of some of the original artists and their music albeit it is a small portion of what is otherwise available.

OK, enough babble and let's see if we can help you to focus on becoming "THE PLACE TO BE" on a given day so that people can enjoy a great listening experience as they "DANCE TILL THEY DROP".

A several thousand dollar inventory of the latest electronic sound and lighting reproduction equipment and an extensive song and instrumental library of artists and groups and we are set to perform at a high caliber rate of client satisfaction. We have personally vetted and edited all  of our music files for listening and dancing capability.


Now, the only remaining question is:  


How May We Serve You ?

L.R. (Scott) Darr

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