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"Dance 'til You Drop"

" If You Can Walk, You Can Dance "

Don't sit on the sidelines your next dance night. Get In The Mix. Country Crossroads Music offers basic dance lessons so that you can dance socially. We'll teach you enough so that you can dance with confidence

You'll learn fun country and western dances and etiquette. We are not dance instructors  but rather we are drill instructors and just like in the military, you do something often enough , it will become automatic without even thinking about it. It only takes a couple of different steps to learn these dances and in some cases the only differences between different dances is the different music.

Learn the simple steps for popular Western and Country Dances.

We consider the basic dance steps as the backbone of social dancing. We do not consider gymnastics as a part of social dance skill. Enough  said.

The BASIC dance steps are:

1  Step        Self explanatory                

2 Step  or   Fox Trot in Ballroom Terms

3 Step  or   Triple Step, Polka step, Shuffle step, Cha Cha Triple Step

6 Step  or   Waltz 3/4 Time

Once you have accomplished leg muscle memory you will gravitate to more advanced dances such as Cha Cha's, 10 Steps, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and other specialized dance steps but you will struggle without a firm grasp of the BASICS.

We'll play classic old-school Country and Western songs featuring hits from all the decades. You'll learn how to dance to all kinds of songs. We hold classes throughout the Boise Nampa, ID area. Dancing is a great way to build self-confidence, have fun and meet new people.


Call 208-794-2731 to ask about our "DANCE BOOT CAMP" program.

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