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Fund Raising

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Event Considerations

 It's been our past experience that most individuals like music of some sort to dance or listen to. Now, take those 2 items and combine them with an area where people can congregate, socialize , dance and listen to high quality audio reproduction of quality music and you have created a people magnet.

Now, to what purpose do we propose creating this situation?

(    ) Pleasure   (    ) Charity   (    ) Income   (    ) Advertising

 (    ) Socializing   (    ) Other

Ok, now that we have made a temporary decision, where do we go from here? Before we go any further there is one important thing we must consider, "a small amount of black ink is better than a larger amount of red ink" That being said, budgeting is a wise and prudent move. We've never understood the theory of "Loss leader" or " We'll make it up on the back side" . With prudence, you should have some sense of cost  vs projected return and  that  you're not crossing your fingers for a good return. That being said, some events, by nature, will not return satisfactory results initially without repetitive introduction which is where "The Place to Be" comes in.

Some of the items to be considered are insurance coverage's, bonding, food and drink services, location expenses, advertising, posting, material costs, personnel assignments and duties. All these various items are easily addressed through a top down assignment with accountability.

Now then, We have had some experience with volunteer groups and organizations as well as fairly large business organizations. We've experienced within these groups that there is always a few individuals who feel obligated that they must step up when no one else will, regardless of whether or not they may be the right one to accomplish the task at hand. This quite often leads to "well intention-ed but unintentional consequences ".  It also leads to volunteer burn-out. Not good. Better to spread it around so that if someone or something glitches, you only lose a piece of and not the whole puzzle.

Now' everything we've just commented on is not a set of marching orders but rather our general summation of experiences from the past.

At this point, all we can say is:

"How May we Serve Your possible Needs."


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